The M{ }esum

A  M U S E U M    U N L I K E    A N O T H E R

Welcome to The M{ }esum, a place like no other, where absence and the unknown take center stage. Beyond the veil of our everyday reality lies a place of mystery and intrigue. It is a place where the mundane routines of life give way to the sublime wonder of the unknown. I speak, of course, of the M{ }esum – a museum unlike any other. What, you may ask, is M{ }esum? Ah, such a question! We may never know. The foreignness of what you no longer are, no longer possess, or haven’t yet become lies in wait at the M{ }esum. The more we try to define it, the more it slips away. However, the M{ }esum should not be mistaken for an abstract or philosophical concept. Despite the inability of science and archaeology to verify its existence, the M{ }esum is not a mere theoretical construct or figment of the imagination. Rather, the M{ }esum stands as a unique and unprecedented institution, the world’s largest and most significant museum devoted entirely to the unknown and the presence of absence, the realm of the n∅bjects.

T H E   C O L L E C T I O N

The diverse and manifold M{ }esum collection include n∅bjects* dating from ancient times to the present day, and beyond, in virtually every category. From missing masterpieces to the unpublished, unfinished and undone. From the burned down Great Library of Alexandria to your lost socks. From the historic, celebrated, far reaching and consequential to the forgotten, undocumented, worthless and obscure.It can in many ways be seen as an universal depository for all our lost histories, things, knowledge, ideals, selves, relationships, relatives, utopias, pens, lighters, memories, work, plans, potential and directions. But the M{ }esum is much more than than a mere repository for lost and forgotten things. It is a place of boundless potential and infinite possibility, where the unknown and the uncharted awaited discovery. A realm where one can encounter countless versions of oneself – past, present, and future – and glimpse the infinite permutations of one’s own destiny.

T H E   P A R A D O X

The exploration of the M{ }esum presents us with a captivating riddle. The M{ }esum is a larger than we can imagine, yet it occupies no space. The collection is boundless and infinite, yet much of it remains shrouded in mystery, perpetually beyond our reach, lost to the ceaseless flow of time. Nonetheless, and here lies the wonder of the M{ }esum – the M{ }esum renders the incomplete whole. The m{ }esum is a fascinating enigma, where the missing pieces of the puzzle are just as important as the ones that are present. As an institution that specializes in absence and the unknown, the M{ }esum’s collection is always complete, even when parts are missing.


The exact location of the M{ }esum is debated, though it is generally believed that the M{ }esum resides within itself, concealed from view beyond the treshold of perception Others argue that the M{ }esum exists only as a myth or a rumour, a curious tale.

P U B L I C    W I N G

Yet details of sightings and possible M{ }esum portals have been recorded in various places, from Athens, to Berlin, where for the convenience of the M{ }esum visitor a public wing of the M{ }esum is open to the public by appointment.

T H E    A R C H I V E

Here you may find the artist Löwendahl-Atomic meticulously cataloging n∅bjects into the M{ }esum Archive or lovingly tending to all the memories that faded with time, the knowledge we once held dear, the ideals we once cherished, our lost trust in political systems, the versions of ourselves we have outgrown, the relationships we have lost, the utopias we once dreamed of, our lost treasures, our old ego, the lost souls of our time, the futures that we failed to pursue, the pens that have slipped our grasp, the work that remains undone, the unspoken dreams of our own existence and the answers we never received.