The M{ }esum

The foreignness of what you no longer are, no longer possess, or haven’t yet become lies in wait at the M{ }esum.  What the M{ }esum in fact is, we may never know. It can in many ways be seen as an universal depository for all our lost things, history, knowledge, ideals, selves, communication, relationships, relatives, utopias, pens, lighters, memories, work, expectations, potential and directions.

The M{ }esum is bigger than you can imagine and yet it takes up no space. With a collection that is simultaneously intangible and forever expanding most of it remains hidden, the specifics irretrievable, for only that which is lost, absent, nameless, overlooked, unrealised or unknown can enter the M{ }esum. However, do not be fooled into thinking that the M{ }esum is a fictive museum, or some kind of philosophical or esoteric joke, for the M{ }esum, despite science’s or archaeology’s inability to prove its existence, is not mere abstractions or conceptual titillations. Rather the M{ }esum, one of its kind, is the world’s largest and most significant museum to specialise above all, in the absence of something, and the presence of nothing, known as n∅bjects*.


T H E   C O L L E C T I O N

 The diverse and manifold M{ }esum collection include uncountable sets of n∅bjects*, dating from ancient times to the present day, and beyond, in virtually every category. From lost beliefs to unknown truths.  From missing masterpieces to the unpublished, unfinished and undone. From the burned down Great Library of Alexandria to your lost socks. From the historic, celebrated, far reaching and consequential to the forgotten, undocumented, undiscovered, worthless and obscure. From paths not taken to alternative futures.

Unlike most museums , the M{ }esum does not divide itself into departments devoted to specific mediums or eras. Rather, the collection is conceived as an integrated (w)hole consisting not only of the ‘known lost’ but also the ‘lost lost’, which remain hidden from view. It is thus impossible to determine the collection’s size with any certainty, nonetheless, since the the M{ }esum specialises in absence, in theory the  collection is always complete, even when parts are missing. Furthermore the M{ }esum is always in danger of becoming part of its own collection, unless preserved.




If You can't find it, you are already here.

The exact location of the M{ }esum is debated. It’s possible  that  the M{ }esum is concealed from view on another plane, beyond the treshold of perception, on the utmost reaches of space and time. It could be that the M{ }esum resides within itself, an umapped space within a space unmapped, Terra incognita. Or perhaps its circulating energy , a force in constant movement, a vibrating form on a different frequency hidden to us. Others argue that the M{ }esum  is nothing but a curious tale, that it exists only as a myth, a fantasy or as a rumor.  Yet details of sightings and possible M{ }esum portals have  been recorded in different places, most frequently in Berlin.
Here at a secret location, you may find artist Löwendahl-Atomic, meticulously cataloguing n∅bjects into the Muesum Archive or lovingly tending to your lost hats and scarves, to your lost trust in political systems, to the memory of a body,  to your old ego,  to your numerous lost telephones, to your future plans, to your lost cause, to your unfulfilled  desires and to the answers that you never received.