What is the M{ }esum? A phantom museum,  a mystical vision, a pataphysical institution, a metaphysical speculation or an actual destination. Real or imagined? Invented or discovered. Full or empty? Perhaps all of those things.

It may be that artist Löwendahl-Atomic conjured up the M{ }esum out of its own collection, for the M{ }esum specialise in ‘n∅bjects’, Löwendahl-Atomics term for lost things, i.e. the absence of something, and the presence of nothing.  The M{ }esum then, could be described as a museum of absence, but whereas museums normally tell stories via the objects they have in their collection, through the M{ }esum Löwendahl-Atomic engage in collecting, not in order to assemble objects, but as a continuous act that makes absence visible.

The project is on-going, a floating narrative which evolve over time, and comes to light (or not) through an amalgamation of various connecting and overlapping expressions and elements; archives, texts, art- works, exhibitions, events, art-fair-participation, visitor participation, and even a public museum.

The M{ }esum operate both as a mental and a physical space. The elusive M{ }esum beyond reach, and its public wing, The Muesum, which zero in on being open to the public. Both exist in the absence of eachother. Together they equal the s{ }m of everything and nothing.

The project has been running since 2009. It is an artistic, literary, and performed work that embody a series of paradoxes and oscillate/interweave between the manifest and metaphysical, between the hole and the whole, between accomplishment and failure, between loss and gain and between truth and fiction.