What is the M{ }esum? An artist utopia? A ‘pataphysical solution? An absurdist construct? A thought experiment? A superposition, or a celestial destination? Lost or found? Full or empty? Perhaps all of these things. It may be that Löwendahl-Atomic conjured it up out of its own collection, where it might vanish again, for the M{ }esum specialise not in objects but in n∅bjects, Löwendahl-Atomics expression for things that exist in the intersection of presence and absence.

The M{ }esum is an imaginative solution to age-old questions about the very fabric of existence and the nature of reality, one that embraces the infinite potential of the unknown. It is an answer that inevitably begets further questions, beckoning us to explore beyond the limits our our understanding while embracing the uncertainty of existence.

The M{ }esum takes its name from “museum,” and flips it on its head. This is not just a playful inversion of the familiar. The replacement of the “U” with the symbol for the empty set is a subtle but profound alteration, one that signals a deeper philosophical inquiry into the nature of being and non-being and reminds us that sometimes the most profound insights come from looking at things in a different way.

The M{ }esum was founded/discovered/created by Löwendahl-Atomic in 2009. It is an artistic, literary, and performed living work that embody a series of paradoxes and oscillate/interweave between the manifest and metaphysical, between the hole and the whole, between accomplishment and failure, between loss and gain and between truth and fiction.

The project unfolds over time and reveals itself (or not) through various elements that connect and combine; texts, works of art, an archive, events, a website, and a project space that occasionally open to visitors.