What is the m{ }esum?                                                                                                                     

A mystical vision, a phantom museum, a pataphysical institution, a conceptual artwork or an actual destination. Is it real or imagined? Invented or discovered? Full or empty?  Perhaps all of these things.

It may be that artist Löwendahl-Atomic conjured it up out of its own collection, where it might vanish again, for the m{ }esum specialise not in objects but in n∅bjects, Löwendahl-Atomics term for beings and things that are lost, absent, forgotten, unknown, unseen, unrealised or not yet found.

With the m{ }esum, Löwendahl-Atomic engage in collecting, not primarily to assemble objects, but as a continuous act that makes absence visibly. The m{ }esum then, could be considered a museum of absence, yet the m{ }esum is not simply a collection of missing things, it is also a place where possibilities can come to life, and an act of making something from nothing.

The M{ }esum is a work in progress, that operate both as a mental and a physical space. The project unfolds over time and reveals itself (or not) through various elements that connect and combine; texts, works of art, an archive, events, a website, and a project space that occasionally open to visitors.

The M{ }esum was founded/discovered/created by Löwendahl-Atomic in 2009. It is an artistic, literary, and performed living work that embody a series of paradoxes and oscillate/interweave between the manifest and metaphysical, between the hole and the whole, between accomplishment and failure, between loss and gain and between truth and fiction.